Flieshost Starmade Server

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Server Address

The address of the FliesHost Starmade Server is:


And the Current Version of the Server is:

N/A (Usually Latest)

Please use this to connect to the server.

If you do not have permissions, or need help you will need to talk to AnnoyingFlies or Deathsticks.

The easiest way to do this is to join us on TeamSpeak!


 You will be able to join other players on teamspeak, and for community events it is highly recommended.

Teamspeak 3 Is a Free, Voice Chat Program that allows Users to be able to communicate with each other across the internet.

You can Download it Here.

The server Details are:

Ip/Hostname: ts3.flieshost.com

You can use the link in the TS3 Details on the homepage to join also.
Please use your Starmade Name in TS3, so we know who you are.

Server Rules

The server is completely Legitimate Build. the only things to aid you are the tools and plugins available.

 You are Entitled to build anywhere, Except:
On other peoples creations, Stations or planets (unless you are collaborating)

Do not Attack the Fly’s collective.

   – Do Not Harass Players. (Repetitive killing, vebal abuse etc)
– Be Fair, Dont Steal.

Don’t Abuse catalogue powers. Importing ships is permitted, but please for the love of god keep the block count down. I’m going to be annoyed if i log on and there’s 1:1 scale star destroyers lying around. It’s common sense.

You can’t claim the starting sector as your own. (why would you want to anyway?)

You’re welcome to go claim an uninhabited sector (use a faction block or something), create factions, save ships to catalogue, and request that those ships be used for pirates. Above all, Have fun!