This page is designed to be a reference for players on the server.
Below is a small table detailing general commands for people, more advanced commands are available below that.

Player Commands
Command Availability Price Description
/home All 10  Teleports the User Home.
/back All 12  Allows the user to return from a teleport. if you die, you can use this to return to your deathpoint.
/spawn All 8  Teleports the Player to the Spawn.
/pay [player] [amount] All 0  Pays a player. eg. “/pay GAME_HEAD 50” will take $50 from you and give it to GAME_HEAD.
/tpa [player] All 0  Request to Teleport to a player. /tpahere [player] will request for them to teleport to you.
/tpaccept All 15  Accept the Teleport Request.
/rules All 0  Shows the rules in game.

WAR Plugin

PvP Arenas.
When in the Lobby of a Warzone (glass room with doorways) entering a team gateway will place you on that team, remove your items (and save them for post-match) and give you the default loadout for the warzone.

Please note: By entering a warzone, you are agreeing with completely open PvP.

Command Description
/Warhub Teleports you to the warhub, where you can select a warzone to enter. NOTE: This costs the same as /spawn
/War Leave or /leave Allows you to leave the current warzone. returns you to the lobby with your original inventory

Shop Plugin

We use Stand Alone Showcase as the shop plugins.

You will need to buy a shop to have access to the commands, please talk to the admins Deathstickslol or AnnoyingFlies about purchasing.

Shops can be bought from the Governors of the town you want to set up shop in. You will need to ask the Admins for the permissions and state your intended shop.

For information about the Shop System, please go HERE.

Using Cannons

Using the cannons mod (currently mostly restricted to the warzones, i would appreciate if they weren’t used outside of it for now) is actually quite simple. when you get used to it, you will be able to aim them accurately and fast.

To load
Put 2 gunpowder in your hand, and right click the barrel of the gun twice (this will load both gunpowders)
Put a projectile in the barrel, Select a projectile (see below) and right click the barrel with the projectile in your hands.

To Fire
Right click the torch! Boom!

To aim
Here’s where it is tricky.
Right clicking the sides or back of the barrel will change the horizontal rotation of the barrel to the right. crouch Right clicking will change it The other way.
Same goes for vertical rotation, right clicking will raise the barrel by 1 degree, crouch right clicking will lower it by 1 degree

You can load all sorts of projectiles, and they will have all different effects on the cannon. Cobblestone is your main ammunition. it is a standard cannonball.
TNT will be a slow flying low penetration bomb, gravel is a grape shot, wood is a practice (no dmg) shot, obsidian is an armour piercing shot.
See the more info link below for more types of ammo and the effects of them.

For more information, video tutorials, extra tips, see this page

Monsters and Animals

Players will earn money from killing monsters on the server, generally, the more dangerous the animal, the more money is awarded. However, mob-farmable mobs’ rewards are significantly slashed to prevent a destabilised economy.

Good Money Kills:

These kills have high bounty

Pig Zombies, Slimes, Magma Cubes, Creepers, Ghasts

Bad Money Kills:

These are farmable, and have a lower bounty.

Zombie, Skeleton, Blaze, Spider

Advanced Building

There are a range of advanced building mechanics on the server. With the inclusion of IC2, Buildcraft and many other mods the restrictions on what you can build have been lifted significantly.

I cannot cover everything here, but i will include links to wiki pages where available.


Buildcraft includes things from automatic quarries to item transport via pipes. Wiki

Industrial Craft:

IndustrialCraft allows for advanced machines and power creation. Wiki

Tinkers Construct:

Advanced Crafting of weapons and tools. Wiki

If you wish to find the recipe for an item in-game, you can hover over it with the mouse and press “R”