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Welcome to the Minecraft World Map Page!

Current World: Infinium

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Server Address

The address of the FliesHost Minecraft Server is:

And the Current Version of the MC Server is:

MCPC+ 1.6.4

Please use this to connect to the server.

To Join:

Download the Technic Launcher Here.

When it’s downloaded, launch the Technic program and it should bring up the launcher window.

On the left hand side select “Add new pack” and when prompted for the Platform URL, enter:

And press “add modpack”.

When you press Play, It should automatically download the files needed and install them.

Just use the server Details above to join when you’re in game!

If you do not have permissions, you will need to request them from Emperor FlzHead or Lord Deathsticks.

The easiest way to do this is to join us on TeamSpeak! You can also use contact form on the website.


 You will be able to join other players on teamspeak, and for community events it is highly recommended.

Teamspeak 3 Is a Free, Voice Chat Program that allows Users to be able to communicate with each other across the internet.

You can Download it Here.

The server Details are:


You can use the link in the TS3 Details on the homepage to join also.
Please use your Minecraft Name in TS3, so we know who you are.

Command Reference

can be found here

Server Rules

The server is completely Legitimate Build. the only things to aid you are the tools and plugins available.

 You are Entitled to build anywhere, Except:

Do NOT Build/Edit Within 10 Blocks of other peoples creations (outside cities)
– The Imperium Respects Personal Space.

Within Cities, You are under the jurisdiction of the Mayor. This defaults as the person with more than 50% of the construction.

Exception to this is Imperial Towns, in which a Mayor can be appointed. If none is, The Lord and/or Emperor are in charge.
Infinium is for the most part, Lawless. However,
– Do Not Harass Players.
– Player Killings are allowed BUT
– If told to stop killing – you must do so.
– Be Fair, Dont Steal.

The Emperor Retains the Right to:
– Revert all activity of a player. all. Yes, i can do that.
– Relinquish Citizenship from the Imperium.
– Relinquish Ownership of Property.
– Damage or Harm Individuals in accordance with laws. (hehe)

May Imperial Justice account in all balance.
The Emperor Protects.